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New! 「バンコクでよかった!」

Artist in Residence at Silpakorn University since Nov.2007





I have started to work on painting and printmaking (etching) in Silpakorn University as an artist in residence since Nov. 2007. All the surroundings here with the hot weather and the strong and fresh feeling from the plants have been pushing me forward to work as well as giving me much inspiration. So, please refer to the images below just to get to know a slight piece of the images around here.

In front of Silpakorn University.

(Wat Prakeo and the Palace)






Painting studio. I can see Wat prakeo from this window.




Printmaking Studio. I have one individual table to work for etching.





Silkscreen working space.






平成20年 1月吉日 英ゆう

Happy new year, and Best wishes.  Jan. 2008 Yu Hanabusa







" F A C E L I F T " ドローイング+リトグラフ展
8/18(土)〜 9/4(火)2007

13:00 - 22:00 水曜日定休


東京都世田谷区北沢1-45-36 (tel:03-3469-1659)


Awagami Factory
779-3401 徳島県吉野川市山川町川東136
Tel 0883-42-2772 Fax 083-42-6085


7/3-31 "Flower Pink Star" in Kyoto
solo-exhibition at IMURA ART GALLERY 
New works of 8 to 10 pieces of oil paintings and 10 to 12 pieces of printmakings etc. will be exhibited.



→Solo exhibition "Flower Pink Star" at IMURA ART GALLERY











今後は2007年の10月以降バンコクのシラパコーン大学に行き、版画と油彩画の制作をする予定です。特に色彩観を通して自身の美意識を明確にしていきたいと思っています。2002年以降京都造形芸術大学通信教育学部染織コースにおいて「色彩」の授業を担当させていただいたことをきっかけに、色彩学について勉強したいという気持ちが次第に膨らんできました。当初は自身が扱う画材は洋画材であり、殆どの文献が西洋の色彩学をもとにしていることから、いずれ西洋に学ばなければいけないのではという気持ちがありましたが、私の描きたい対象は常にアジアにあり、行く先を決定できずにいました。しかし2004年からの1年間のタイでの滞在の際にバンコクからレクチャーをしに来られたYanawit Kunchaethong先生の作風に出会い、またタイという国の文化により多く触れるにつれて、アジアの精神性を基盤とした色彩観はあるということを確信し、それこそが私の描く内容とも無理なく自然に結びつけられるものだということに気付きました.そうした経過を経て、今後タイを中心により多くの色彩に触れ、又各アーティストと自然との関わり方を観察させて頂く中で、私自身、これまでもやってきた紙の上での表現方法を探りながら、いずれ色彩を「見る」ことに興味のある人たちにより魅力的なワークショップを提供できるようになることを現在の目標にしています。こうした私の希望をよくご理解頂きました京都市の皆様に心から感謝しております。また、後に皆様に喜んで頂けるような結果に結びつけていけるよう努力していこうと思っています。
2007年4月 英裕(英ゆう)


I will move to Bangkok in October 2007 and start working on printmaking and painting at Silpakorn University. I have a will to develop my own sense of aesthetic especially in the category of color construction. My desire to study color theory had brought by the chance to teach the basic color theory at Kyoto university of art and design since 2002. In the begining, as I work mainly on oil painting and use the material from Western countries, I had been feeling that I might have to go to somewhere in Western countries as to follow the fundamental theory. However, my interest and inspiration were always from the affairs in Asia, including Japan. This brought me emotional conflict to decide where to go and stay for working on art, Then, after my stay in Thailand for 1 year in 2004, (also I met professor Yanawit Kunchaethong's organic print technique ) I had noticed that there was color construction based on Asian spirit and culture, and that naturally links to one of my essential concept to express colors of light in Asia on paintings. Under these reasons, I will move to BKK and see more color there and observe how the artists are working with color of nature, and through the experience and my investigation, I would like to create my workshop to share how the color can be seen on paper with the people who is ineterested in it. That is one of my aim at present. Thus I have much desire to develop, and I do thank so much to the people in Kyoto city for understanding my aims and help so much. I would try to work hard and continue to develop myself for the sake of development of art in Kyoto.
April 2007, Yu Hanabusa